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Online Crew Scheduling -- Made Easy
How codeScheduling.net Works
An Overview of its Funcationality
codeScheduling.net takes your user's shift requests and quickly handles the assignments through a fast rule engine. Shifts can be assigned, 'first come first serve', reocurring, or distributed equally from a batch of requests.
Your users can be given the option to call out of shifts and text messages can be genereated to let everyone know that help is needed. Users can also swap with other users in the system to maintain coverage. codeScheduling takes care of the work so there is less hassle for the administrators.

With no software to install, any web-enabled computer may connect directly to the codeScheduling.net network to display the shift calendar and request shifts.


Administrators have full control over the calendar. Shifts can be opened or closed, substitutions can be made, rules for the shifts can be modified, etc... All from the web site, simple and fast!

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