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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions Regarding codeSCHEDULING.net
How much does it cost?
To offer the most convenient and reliable service possible, we offer codeScheduling as a subscription-based service. This keeps the cost low per month and provides our clients with less risk when compared to purchasing a do-it-yourself software package with a large lump-sum cost up front. Our subscription cost is unit-based and varies depending on the needs of each organization. For example, an organization scheduling an EMS unit typically costs just $34.90 a month ($19.95 base account and $14.95 per unit). All accounts will incur a one-time setup fee of $200.00 which covers the standard setup and training fees.
Is there a limit on number of units I can staff?

No. codeSCHEDULING.net allows you to schedule as many units and break up the shift into as many blocks as you need for your organization. However, we do recommend using more than one calendar for large organizations to make the schedule easier to read and less complicated.

How can there be no software to install or

We chose a platform for our applications that would be easiest for our clients to use and maintain. Almost every personal computer is now equipped with a web-browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. These web-browsers interface with our servers and display the content to you anywhere in the world! Its as simple as surfing the web!

We have Volunteers, Part timers, and Career staffing... Can codeScheduling.net handle all of that?  

Absolutely! codeScheduling was designed with mixed staffing in mind. On one calendar, you can have career staff automatically assigned on a schedule such as 24/72, part time personnel for filling in when users call out sick or for vacation, and volunteers working duty crews on a second unit. The calendar setup can be custom built for your companies particular needs.

We need a system that doesn't play favoritism
with our members. Does your system create assignments fairly?

codeScheduling.net can be setup to be as fair as you want it to be. Rules can be created to calculate the best even distribution of requests, or rules can be setup to give preference to certain user groups because they have certain credentials or because they are preferred employees.

We need to make sure that our part time users
only work 30 or less hours per week. Can codeScheduling.net enforce maximum hours
for employees?

Yes. Rules can be created to limit the number of hours certain users can work by month or by week. Each user in the system can have different maximum hours so your career people can work more while your part timers work less. Administrators can override the rules at any time, so your part time employees can be awarded extra shifts on a case by case basis if you desire.

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